The ban on plastics has been issued, and 100% biodegradable bags are on fire!

The European Parliament overwhelmingly passed the ban on plastics, and 15 countries/regions have issued bans on plastics. More and more countries join the array, and environmental awareness has become a hot trend! Plastic products use petroleum as raw materials, and resources are gradually scarce. The recycling rate of plastic products is extremely low, and recycling is difficult. The incineration of plastic products produces toxic and harmful gases, endangers human life and health, and pollutes nature, and has formed a storm of white waste! Long Juntian Pure Environmental Protection Company is well aware of the hazards of white waste and actively responds to the call of the country and the world environmental protection organization. After more than ten years of deep cultivation of biodegradable garbage bags, we have developed and produced bags using corn starch and PBAT as raw materials. This garbage bag can be degraded into carbon dioxide and water under suitable industrial composting conditions.
The 100% biodegradable pet trash bag is simply a boon for dog walkers. They no longer have to worry about cleaning the dog’s poop in parks and camping scenes. It can be perfectly cleaned without dirty hands and waterproof. It can also protect the environment and take care of hygiene. This garbage bag uses a breakpoint design, with a smooth and delicate surface, waterproof and odor-proof, and the inner core is also a biodegradable paper core, which protects the environment from the inside out. It is also extremely considered in use, and the user is equipped with a dispenser, which can be hung on the traction rope to avoid holding it in the hand.
Longjun Tianchun Environmental Protection Company can accept OEM, ODM, meet the needs of users’ individual customization, and serve customers based on the principle of sincere cooperation. Welcome everyone to consult and purchase.

Post time: Mar-25-2021