Are you still using toxic and hard-to-degrade plastic products?

What are biodegradable materials? You need to know the following. If you have been researching sustainable and renewable food packaging, you may have heard of biodegradable materials based on corn starch and PBAT. The biodegradable household garbage bag is currently one of the most environmentally friendly options. It has many uses and every family will use it. Longjun Tianchun Environmental Protection Co., Ltd. has developed and supplied it to users all over the world.
Molded fiber packaging made of corn starch-corn starch comes from corn. The fibers are mixed with water until they form a pulp. The pulp is converted (by pressure and heating) into various molded fiber products, such as our biodegradable pet garbage bags.
Ordinary plastic bags need 200 years or more to decompose. It also pollutes the land and is made from non-renewable resources. Ordinary plastic bags will still exist in our oceans or fill up our parks and leisure spaces.
Fully biodegradable-both materials will degrade naturally over time. Biodegradable household garbage bags made from corn starch are ideal environmentally friendly products to replace non-degradable plastic bags.
Biodegradable plastic bags are completely degradable. Biodegradable plastics are items made from plant straws that are friendly to the human body and the environment. They are different from the three major synthetic plastics. After being discarded, they can be decomposed by themselves under the action of the biological environment. It is harmless to people or the environment and belongs to green packaging. Biodegradable plastic bags are a kind of disposable shopping bags and household garbage bags that are “degradable and easy to degrade”.
According to the 2019 McKinsey & Company report, the fiber packaging industry looks bright.
Several major food companies have pledged to use fiber packaging, including McDonald’s. The company’s goal is to transition to 100% fiber packaging by 2025. Consumers are becoming more and more insistent, demanding that their purchasing power be sustainable. Sustainable packaging provides a way to meet growing demand.
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Post time: May-19-2021