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Household garbage bags are made of corn starch and PBAT materials, which are 100% biodegradable. The garbage bag is not easy to tear by hand, the paper core is degradable, and the interface is humanized. Biodegradable pet garbage bags can be customized in size, color and packaging according to requirements. The company is committed to becoming an environmentally friendly enterprise serving the world!

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After the ban on plastics was promulgated, what did we use as garbage bags? You no longer have to worry about environmental pollution. We are 100% biodegradable and have been specialized in production for more than ten years.
Repurpose compostables provide a sustainable alternative to single-use plastics by breaking down in commercial composting facilities in 90-180 days.
10-50-gallon bags are all sold, customized according to needs
Not easy to leak.
Made from compostable materials,100% biodegradable
BPI certified

Item Household biodegradable garbage bag
Place of Origin China
Brand Name Skypurl
Size 13cmX7cmX3cm
Thickness 0.025mm
Quantity 30pcs/roll
Usage Household
Feature Compostable/Tear Resistance/ Leakproof
Material PLA/PBAT/Corn Starch
Color Green,black or as your requirement
Type Fold Garbage Bag
Application Household bags/Food waste/Garden waste
Logo Skypurl/Customized as you wish


There are a wide range of application scenarios in homes, parks, and office spaces, and the daily usage is very large. This biodegradable garbage bag has similar functions to ordinary plastic bags, and is also waterproof and has excellent airtightness. The biodegradable garbage bag is tear-resistant, has a humanized breakpoint design, and can be customized in different colors according to user needs.

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Products’ Competitive Advantages

1. Compostable biodegradable material: corn starch and PBAT.
2. Excellent sealing performance: The product is waterproof and insulates odors.
3. Texture: soft and comfortable, first-class feel.
4. Oil-proof and water-proof: made of plant material, the surface will not be softened.
5. Breakpoint design: easy to access, just tear it off.
6. OEM/ODM/Customized:Customized size, color, pattern, package, outer box.

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